Every business has its pain points, those everyday headaches that interrupt workflow, cause headaches and shave dollars off your profit margin. Do you know what yours are and how much they cost you.

Before developing a custom CRM/workflow management software for a prominent Oregon-based contractor, my company, my development team and I went to work inside the company for 6 months. We rode in the trucks with work teams and sat with the dispatcher and office team digesting the daily events that affected the business for the better and worse. We experienced firsthand everything from the largest to the smallest (but still significant) scenarios within the business cycle where money is lost to inefficiencies and operational headaches. While its effectiveness helping us develop our software speaks for itself, the experience also illuminated many of the common pain points shared by contracting businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the things we encountered and some of the solutions that we were able to create.

We have divided it into five categories that follow the average cycle of business and called it