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Glass and Glazing Contractor Business Insurance Coverage

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In the world of business, risks are part of the process. Glass and glazing business is no different. But unless you are prepared for potential risks and liabilities, they could turn out to be an unpleasant surprise that may wreak havoc on your business and reputation.

As a glazier, your work involves installing tempered glass in windows, mirrors, skylights, and other fixtures.

A single glass break has the potential of injuring others, including clients or a third party, which may have disastrous consequences for your company unless you are protected.

So, running a successful glazing business also requires protecting your company and assets with proper insurance

General liability claims, property damage, employee injuries, and other unforeseen costs could financially sink your business without adequate coverage.

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Insurance Coverage Types Needed For Glass Contractors

From the smallest handyman operation to large construction firms, glass and glazing businesses provide essential services.

As a contractor, you juggle numerous risks on job sites ranging from falls and falling objects to power tool accidents and angry homeowners.

Even with strict safety protocols, it only takes one serious incident for an uninsured loss to put your business in jeopardy.

Properly insuring your contracting operation is crucial to surviving the liabilities inherent to construction work.

The right insurance package allows you to take on projects with confidence, knowing you are protected.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is the first line of protection against the many risks glazing contractors face working on properties.

It covers legal defense costs and settlements up to your policy limits if you are deemed liable for bodily injury, property damage, or other harms if someone trips over the sheets of glass.

General liability insurance protects your company and assets from potentially massive losses under scenarios like: 

  • A subcontractor is injured on your job site due to unsafe conditions
  • Shoddy workmanship during a remodeling project causes a home fire
  • You damage a client’s property while operating heavy machinery 
  • A 3rd party slips, trips, and falls on a construction project

Even with strict safety protocols, accidents and oversights happen.

A general liability policy covers payouts when you are held legally responsible, helping ensure that incidents do not sink your business.

Most experts recommend $1 million as the minimum policy limit.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

With heavy lifting and hazardous conditions inherent to construction, employee injuries are a constant risk.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers lost income, medical expenses, rehabilitation, and other costs when a staffer is injured on the job.

Carrying compliant workers’ comp is mandatory in virtually every state.

Failing to carry it could lead to massive fines or even criminal charges in some states if an injury occurs.  

In addition to meeting legal requirements, workers’ compensation insurance pays for injury claims, so you do not have to pay these medical bills out-of-pocket.

This protects your business finances from being depleted by high medical and lost wage costs.

When hiring subcontractors, they must carry their own workers’ compensation coverage.

Otherwise, you could be on the hook for their injuries.

Builders Risk Insurance

Glass installation businesses are prone to many risks when projects are ongoing.

Fire, theft, vandalism, wind damage, or other issues could cause costly damage before the project is completed and handed over.

Builders’ risk insurance for glass and glazing contractors covers potential losses and damage claims during construction.

It protects the financial investment you’ve made in materials and labor for the project up until the owner takes possession. Builders’ risk coverage can be extended if delays push the completion date.

This specialized policy provides peace of mind that your hard work will not go unpaid if a catastrophe strikes before the project is finished. It’s typically required by commercial lenders as well.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Traveling to job sites, hauling tools and materials, and parking on occupied properties means your vehicles face significant risks.

Without proper commercial auto insurance, you risk paying for damages or injuries out of pocket after an at-fault accident.

Commercial auto coverage protects your business fleet and drivers by covering:

  • Liability claims against your business if an employee is involved in an accident
  • Damage to your own fleet of vehicles after collisions
  • Medical costs for drivers injured on the job  
  • Replacement transportation if a vehicle is in the shop  

In addition to cars and pickup trucks, special tools and equipment like backhoes, bobcats, cranes, and lifts can be covered.

Consult with an insurance pro to structure the right business insurance for glass contractors.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Lawsuits and liability claims sometimes exceed the limits of primary liability policies.

This can put business assets and owners’ personal assets at risk without extra protection.

Commercial umbrella liability insurance provides an additional layer above your general liability and auto coverage.

It adds $1 million to $5 million (or more) in extra coverage to pay liability costs not fully covered by other policies.

For contractors working with glass on significant projects, umbrella coverage provides protection and peace of mind.

Unless you have the right coverage, you could suffer substantial financial losses.

Glass and Glazing Contractor Business Insurance
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Choosing the Right Glazing Contractor Insurance Agency

Glass and Glazing Contractors Installing a New Commercial Window

Navigating the numerous risks contractors face requires an insurance company experienced in the construction trades. Be sure to choose an agency that:  

  1. Focuses specifically on contractor insurance, not generic policies. They understand the unique risks you face.
  2. Has relationships with multiple carriers. This enables them to shop for the optimal combination of price, coverage, and service.  
  3. Provides ongoing support year-round, not just at renewal time. 

The right insurance provider becomes a trusted risk management advisor, helping you avoid coverage gaps and improve safety protocols.

Don’t leave your insurance needs to chance – seek glass and glazing contracting insurance expertise from The Allen Thomas Group.

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Commercial Insurance FAQs

General liability covers legal defense costs and payouts (up to your policy limits) if you are held liable for third-party bodily injury, property damage, or other harms stemming from your contracting work or operations.  

Glazing contractor’s insurance cost depends on several factors, including location, payroll, revenue, claims history, and trade.

Average total premiums range from $25,000 to $150,000+ per year. A licensed insurance agent can provide quotes specific to your business.

No, your general liability only covers your direct employees. It does not extend protection to any subcontractors you hire.

General liability insurance covers the cost when you are deemed legally liable for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury caused by your company’s work or operations.

However, subcontractors you hire are responsible for carrying their own liability coverage to cover the work they perform. 

That’s why it’s crucial when hiring subcontractors to:

– Require certificates of insurance proving they carry adequate coverage.

– Ask for proof that their GL policy doesn’t exclude the type of work they will perform for you.

– Be named as an additional insured on their policy. This gives you a layer of protection should their work lead to a claim tied to your project.

– Specify in contracts that they maintain GL coverage for a period after project completion (for completed operations liability).

Without these precautions, you could be held responsible for damages, claims or legal expenses stemming from a subcontractor’s negligent work after the fact.

Always verify subcontractors carry their own liability coverage.

Don’t risk their lack of insurance sinking your business.

Consequences for failing to carry proper workers’ compensation insurance include fines up to $250,000 in some states, being barred from public contracts, and even potential jail time for business owners in violation.

Most states require workers comp policy for businesses with a specific number of employees.

Most construction experts recommend carrying at least $1 million in general liability coverage. Higher limits are advisable for larger firms or risky work like glazing or hazardous material abatement.

Discuss appropriate limits for glass installers with your agent, who can explain what your policy covers and how the right insurance helps safeguard your business against injury or property damage.

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Partner with The Allen Thomas Group To Get the Best Coverage for Glass Installation Insurance

Every glazier business is responsible for installing glass in residential and commercial facilities. Such contracting services are vulnerable to risks and liabilities.

Unless small business owners, including glass and glazing professionals, have the required insurance tailored to your services, you are at a high risk of financial losses. 

Partner with a trusted independent insurance agent experienced in your type of business services.

They can help identify coverage gaps and build a protection plan that provides coverage for all potential risks. 

The right coverages defend against the uncertainties inherent to glazing work.

They ensure accidents or oversights do not put your hard-earned business assets in jeopardy.

Contact the insurance experts at The Allen Thomas Group to discuss the best ways to protect your contracting company against threats and risks your business could face.

We offer tailored coverage and trusted year-round guidance to help protect your business against third-party liability claims and risks.

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