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Worried About Lawsuits, Accidents, or Data Breaches? You’re Not Alone.

As a nonprofit leader, you pour your heart and soul into serving your community and making the world a better place. 

But in the back of your mind, you may have lingering worries about potential risks derailing your organization’s important work – from volunteer injuries and automobile accidents to crippling lawsuits or cyberattacks.

You founded your nonprofit out of a labor of love, not to turn a profit. But unforeseen risks could jeopardize everything you and your team have built. 

Without the proper safeguards and insurance coverage, one mishap could even force you to shut down operations. We get it – securing comprehensive insurance protection with a limited budget is easier said than done.

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We Provide Customized Insurance For The Following Nonprofits

  • Alumni nonprofit association
  • Business nonprofit associations
  • Charitable foundations
  • Civic nonprofit associations
  • Political clubs
  • Professional nonprofit associations
  • Recreation clubs
  • Trade nonprofit associations
A Partner You Can Trust

The Allen Thomas Group: Your Trusted Partner in Nonprofit Risk Management

With decades of experience catering specifically to the nonprofit community, The Allen Thomas Group offers the expertise you need to shelter your organization from unpredictable threats.

We’re dedicated to crafting customized insurance solutions tailored to your unique operations, risk profile, and budgetary constraints – no one-size-fits-all policies here.

Decades of Experience: We Understand the Unique Landscape of Nonprofits

Our team brings an in-depth understanding of the distinctive challenges nonprofit organizations face when managing risk. 

We’ve worked closely with associations, clubs, community organizations, and nonprofits large and small to create targeted protection plans. With context-specific insight, we can pinpoint your most pressing vulnerabilities.

Customized Coverage: No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

We realize nonprofit missions span a wide range of sectors, sizes, and activities. An environmental nonprofit focused on conservation requires very different coverage than a youth sports league or professional association. 

Our flexible approach first focuses on comprehending your nonprofit’s specialized operations and exposures. Then we craft tailored solutions to safeguard your specific assets and activities.

Unwavering Support: Your Advocate Through It All

Our job doesn’t end once your policy is bound. When the unimaginable occurs, we’ll be by your side as a tireless advocate to simplify claims and help your organization rebound. 

With compassion and care, we guide nonprofit leaders through stressful risk management decisions, helping you prioritize your community’s needs.

Getting The Right Coverage

Essential Nonprofit Insurance Policies - Shielding Against Key Risks

While insurance options are plentiful, several core policies form the foundation of a robust risk management strategy for nonprofit organizations

This fundamental coverage shields your nonprofit from financial loss associated with bodily injury, customer injury, advertising injury, property damage, or personal injury claims stemming from your operations and events. It protects your organization if a participant is injured at a fundraiser.

It covers legal expenses if a volunteer’s actions accidentally damage a donor’s property. It even steps in to protect your nonprofit if you’re faced with allegations of libel, slander, or copyright infringement.

If your nonprofit relies on vehicles to conduct community outreach, transport volunteers, or shuttle clients, commercial auto insurance is non-negotiable.

It offers essential liability and collision protection for both owned and hired vehicles against risks such as a traffic collision, vandalism, natural disasters, or even theft.

From paid staff to volunteers dedicating their time, the people powering your mission deserve support if injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides vital medical, rehabilitation, and wage replacement benefits to your nonprofit’s employees for work-related injuries or illnesses – taking the financial stress off their shoulders.

The building you operate from, the equipment your team utilizes daily, and the inventory for your next fundraiser – it’s all vulnerable without comprehensive commercial property insurance.

Built distinctly for organizations, it protects your nonprofit’s physical assets in the event of threats like fire, extreme weather, vandalism, or theft.

As a form of management liability, D&O insurance helps you attract and retain board members with specialized skills to oversee your nonprofit.

This coverage protects personal assets should directors and officers face allegations of financial mismanagement or wrongful acts. It’s invaluable for risk management, especially when making tough decisions.

Additional Coverages To investigate

Protecting Your Mission Beyond the Essentials With Additional Coverages

While the coverages above establish a strong first line of defense, additional insurance policies can fortify vulnerable areas unique to the nonprofit sector

As nonprofits digitize fundraising efforts, store sensitive donor data, and rely increasingly on online systems, exposure to cyberattacks and cyberwarfare escalates.

Cyber liability insurance is essential to cover costs associated with data breaches, hacking incidents, malware attacks, as well as funds lost due to computer fraud. It can also pay for client notification, PR crisis management, and credit monitoring services.

Wrongful termination lawsuits, harassment allegations, and discrimination claims can surface even at organizations with the best intentions.

EPLI coverage financially protects nonprofits from employment-related lawsuits while providing access to expert legal advice to navigate HR landmines. This coverage also aids in crisis control to preserve your reputation.


Volunteer Accident Insurance: Honoring Those Who Serve

Showing commitment to those donating time, volunteer accident insurance extends medical coverage to unpaid workers injured while carrying out tasks on your nonprofit’s behalf.

It’s a meaningful expression of gratitude – ensuring your volunteers receive prompt treatment without incurring bills.

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Stress-free Solutions

We Are With You From Start to Finish

best insurance agency for nonprofit organizations

At The Allen Thomas Group, we examine each type of coverage in detail and provide guidance on how to choose the right policies for your specific needs.

By understanding the risks your company faces and selecting appropriate insurance coverage, you can gain peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any eventuality.

Don’t let unexpected losses and setbacks put your line out of service. 

Invest in insurance coverage from The Allen Thomas Group today; let us help protect your nonprofit with the top insurance carriers and underwriters we partner with.

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We know how frustrating and complex the process of finding the right insurance can be and how it slows down your ability to carry out your mission. Let us help craft a policy that works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get More Insights On Making The Right Insurance Decision For Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit insurance refers to a range of coverage options designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. It helps protect the organization from various risks, including lawsuits, property damage, and accidents.

Nonprofit insurance can include cyber liability coverage that protects an organization in case of data breaches or cyber-attacks. This covers costs associated with notifying affected parties, public relations efforts to restore reputation, defense costs in any resulting lawsuits, and even ransom payments if necessary.

Yes, a nonprofit organization can be sued for several reasons such as negligence, employment practices violations, breach of fiduciary duties among others. Having the right type of liability insurance can help protect the organization from financial loss due to these lawsuits.

Lawsuits could arise from various situations including personal injury on the organizations property, employment-related issues like discrimination or wrongful termination claims, violation of laws governing nonprofits conduct or activities (like fraud), defamation claims and more.

Yes. Laws vary by country and sometimes by state but often require nonprofits to have workers’ compensation insurance if they have employees. Other regulations may demand specific coverages related to professional responsibilities performed by the staff or volunteers within the organization. Consulting with legal experts familiar with local laws is recommended for each individual non-profit entity.


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