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Industries We Serve

We provide insurance for a broad range of industries.

Get customized protection for all aspects of your business. Access low rates with a simple online process.


Core Industries We Insure

With our streamlined approach to insurance, there’s never been a more comfortable way to protect yourself and your business. When you get a quote with ATG, you’ll work with a dedicated commercial insurance agent specializing in finding coverage for your businesses.


Our policies are tailor-made for manufacturers, covering you against everything from lawsuits to property damages and injuries, ensuring that your business is protected no matter what.

Food & Beverage Services

Don't let a kitchen fire, injury, or lawsuit shut down your business. Let us help you protect your investment and keep your doors open.


Our insurance policies provide the financial safety net that your technology business needs to rebound from lawsuits, cyberattacks, and other threats.

Construction & Contracting

If you're looking for a partner who truly understands the construction industry and can provide customized solutions that deliver real value, look no further than ATG.

Sports and Fitness

As a fitness professional, you know that anything can happen at any time. From a client injuring themselves during a workout to a fire breaking out in your gym, you need to be prepared for the unexpected.


We understand that running a retail business comes with its own set of unique risks. From unexpected theft to devastating fires, it's essential to have the right policies in place to protect your business and your customers.

Business & Professional Services

Choose peace of mind and security with our insurance for professional services. Shield your livelihood from the unexpected with our comprehensive protection plan. From legal battles to unforeseen expenses, we've got you covered.

Healthcare Services

At the Allen Thomas Group, we understand that healthcare professionals need to focus on their patients, not their insurance. That's why we're here to help you protect your clinic from unexpected accidents and lawsuits.

Non Profits

As a charitable organization, you're no stranger to unexpected challenges. But with nonprofit insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you're protected from any potential losses that may come your way.

Pet Care

As a pet care professional, you understand the importance of keeping your furry clients safe and happy. But accidents can happen, and that's where insurance comes in. It's your safety net, your peace of mind, and your financial protection against unexpected mishaps.


At educational institutions, safety is paramount. It's not just about keeping kids out of harm's way, it's about protecting them from a multitude of complex and interconnected risks.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive approach to risk management ensures that your institution is fully protected from all potential threats.


In today's fast-paced world, technology is constantly evolving, and the power and energy industries are not immune to the volatility that comes with it. But fear not, our team of experts is here to help your company navigate the uncertain waters and emerge victorious.


Running a franchise is like being the conductor of a symphony - you need to ensure every element is in perfect harmony. Our business insurance is the key to keeping your operations running smoothly, so you can focus on orchestrating success.

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We provide experiential risk management solutions that cover countless scenarios.

 Our specialists bring invaluable, hands-on experience to each industry we serve.

The days of intimidating & confusing insurance Options are finally over!

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We understand that finding the right insurance coverage can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined process that handles the complicated work for you.

Our team of experts sources customized insurance options from multiple carriers to find you the perfect coverage at the best price. No more wasting time and energy getting quotes from different carriers – we’ve got you covered.

Since 2008, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with a concierge level of service. We believe that buying insurance should be smart and easy, and we’ve made it our mission to make that a reality. Our clients no longer worry about paying too much for insurance or sacrificing coverage for better rates. We have the expertise and resources to find the perfect coverage that meets your unique needs.

We pride ourselves on being the smart and easy way to buy insurance. Our commitment to our clients has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the insurance industry. We’re not just another insurance company – we’re a team of experts dedicated to revolutionizing the insurance experience for our clients.

With our personalized approach and commitment to excellence, you can trust that you’re in good hands with The Allen Thomas Group. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the right insurance coverage and hello to a more intelligent, more straightforward way of buying insurance.

You can reach out to your dedicated commercial insurance representative to make changes to your policies. Give us a call at (440) 826-3676.

We represent all of the industry’s leading carriers, giving you access to the best rates and coverage options available.

At the Allen Thomas Group, we understand the importance of protecting your business while keeping costs low. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide you with the most competitive rates on the market.

Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the perfect coverage plan for your unique business needs. We take the time to understand your business and its risks, so we can tailor a plan that fits you like a glove.

We believe that insurance coverage should be simple. That’s why we make it our mission to provide clear and concise information about your options. No jargon, no confusion, just straightforward advice you can trust.

With the Allen Thomas Group, you’ll never have to worry about being underinsured or overpaying for coverage. Our team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you have the protection you need at a price you can afford.

So why wait? Revolutionize your business today with the Allen Thomas Group. Our commitment to providing top-notch insurance coverage and unbeatable rates is unmatched in the industry.

At The Allen Thomas Group, we understand that every business is unique but faces similar risks.

That’s why we offer a range of commercial insurance policies from top-rated carriers to safeguard you against common accidents, lawsuits, and damages.

Our policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage that protects your business and your bottom line. With our expert guidance, you can rest assured that you have the right coverage to meet your specific needs.

We offer various policies, including general liability, property, workers’ compensation, and more. Our experienced professionals will work with you to assess your risks and tailor a policy that meets your needs and budget.

We know that insurance can be confusing, so we make it easy to understand. We’ll walk you through the process, answer your questions, and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our policies are affordable, flexible, and customizable, so you can get the coverage you need without breaking the bank. We also offer discounts for bundling policies so that you can save even more.

We believe that insurance should be more than just a safety net. It should be a strategic asset that helps you grow your business and achieve your goals. That’s why we offer risk management services and other resources to help mitigate risks and improve your bottom line.

At The Allen Thomas Group, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible insurance solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your business and future.