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Customized Insurance Solutions for Educational Institutions

Education Insurance Quote

Our k-12 schools and educational institutions are society’s most precious assets – they shape young minds and prepare future generations.

However, managing an educational institution, whether it’s a small private academy or major university, comes with immense responsibilities when it comes to risk management and insurance protection.

We get it – thinking about potential risks like injuries, lawsuits, abuse and molestation, fires, or theft covered by our insurance products isn’t pleasant.

Most educators in schools and educational institutions just want to focus on nurturing students, not stress about accidents, abuse and molestation incidents or disasters.

But ignoring hazards like abuse and molestation leaves your institution dangerously exposed – a single uncovered incident could have massive financial or reputational consequences.

Good news! We can help protect against these.

As an Insurance group with over 20 years expertise serving k-12 schools and educational institutions across 20 states, The Allen Thomas Insurance Group has got you covered, ensuring you have tailored insurance products for all your institution’s risk management headaches.

We get that every educational organization is unique, so we take the time to understand your individual exposures in order to customize coverage that fits like a glove.

Table of Contents

We Provide Customized Insurance Solutions For The Following Educational Institutions

  • Agricultural Education Centers
  • Animation and Game Design Schools
  • Art Schools
  • Coding Bootcamps
  • Cooking Schools
  • Culinary Institutes
  • Dance Academies
  • Dressmaking Schools
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Environmental Education Centers
  • Film and Media Schools
  • Fitness and Wellness Centers
  • Graphic Design Institutes
  • Healthcare Training Centers
  • Higher Education Certificate Programs
  • Interior Design Schools
  • Language Schools
  • Legal Training Institutes
  • Management Development Training Centers
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Music Schools
  • Online Continuing Education Programs
  • Personal Development Schools
  • Photography Schools
  • Professional Development Training Facilities
  • Real Estate Schools
  • Robotics Training Centers
  • Technical Schools
  • Trade Schools
  • Vocational Schools
Getting The Right Coverage

Specialized Insurance Solutions for Educational Risks

From coding camps to charter schools, music academies to for profit-colleges, we serve it all, securing protection against the following

Like any organization, schools face risks ranging from minor incidents like visitor slip-and-falls to more severe cases like educational malpractice lawsuits or allegations of negligence in the event of student accidents or police incidents on campus. The right insurance coverage takes care these exposures before they take a bite out of your institution or personal assets.

Managing teachers, administrators, coaches and other staff brings a whole host of legal liability risks should any professional errors, misconduct or negligence occur under their watch. Solid educators legal liability insurance is crucial to cover hefty legal defense bills that often exceed $100k per occurrence.

Most educational institutions have extensive real estate and assets to protect – specialized buildings, equipment, computers, supplies, records and more. Unfortunate events like fires, storm damage, vandalism or theft can lead to massive repair and replacement costs. Property insurance covers these losses so your operations can be restored quickly.

Directors & officers (D&O) insurance covers investigation expenses plus legal judgements or settlement payouts stemming from covered claims. This includes coverage for school superintendents, college presidents & deans, academy directors, board members, and other decision-making leaders.

Common triggers we see include:

  • Negligent retention/supervision of faculty & staff
  • Mishandling discrimination complaints
  • Inadequate campus security measures
  • Enrollment acceptance errors

Even with general liability, property and other core policies in place, today’s increasingly litigious society means schools still face frighteningly high risks. It takes just one major incident to completely overwhelm normal coverages.

Umbrella liability insurance provides another layer above existing policies, with additional limits from $1 million up to $100 million in badly-needed extra protection. We call it the “catastrophe policy”, ideal for:

  • Student accidents with several million-dollar claims
  • Major lawsuits from school violence incidents
  • New construction liability risks
  • Title IX defense cover

Educational institutions house immense volumes of sensitive student family data, health records, financial information and other critical digital assets a hacker’s dream. A single malware attack or stolen laptop can land schools with massive legal, regulatory and restoration expenses exceeding $2 million per event today.

Key cyber liability insurance benefits include coverage for:

  • Hacking incidents and ransom demands
  • Data breaches + required notification costs
  • Cyber extortion threats
  • Online privacy regulation violations
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Stress-free Solutions

Examples Of Insurance Helping Educators

Get insurance for an Educational Facility Today

This past year alone, here are examples of numerous learning centers saved from financial ruin by the right insurance coverage when crisis hit: (note: we have redacted the specific institutional names for privacy purposes):

  • An Academy files a general liability claim when significant water damage from a burst pipe floods the computer lab, ruining electronics. Property insurance covers $150,000 repair and equipment replacement costs.
  • A Public Charter School in Cincinnati utilizes directors and officers liability insurance when an allegation of sexual abuse leads to a $250,000 settlement payment.
  • A Vocational College relies on workers compensation and liability insurance to cover $90,000 in bills ICU and rehabilitation bills when a welding student suffers third-degree burns.
  • A Local Preparatory’s umbrella liability coverage provides protection after facing a hazing accusation lawsuit seeking several million in damages. The extra policy limits prevent personal assets from being drained in a costly legal defense.

Education Based Insurance Solutions Customized For You

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That allows us to find the best rates for your institution’s property, liability, employee benefits, and other insurance needs.


Educational institution insurance provides a comprehensive coverage package designed to protect the unique needs of schools, universities, and other educational institutions. It typically covers various areas including property damage, liability issues, and other risks associated with running an educational institution.

The learning aspect of educational institution insurance involves understanding the different types of potential risks or damages that can occur in a school environment. This knowledge helps in selecting appropriate coverage levels and ensures that all aspects of the institution are adequately protected.

Umbrella coverage extends beyond the limits of basic liability policies offered by educational institution insurance. It provides additional protection against large claims or lawsuits that could potentially exceed standard policy limits, ensuring that the schools assets are well-protected.

Property is a significant aspect of any education institutions assets – from buildings, classrooms, and libraries to sports facilities and equipment. Therefore, it’s crucial for these properties to be insured against risks like fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters which can cause severe damage, leading to high repair or replacement costs.

Having adequate insurance coverage is vital for an educational institute as it safeguards against unforeseen circumstances such as legal liabilities due to accidents on premises, damage to infrastructure from natural calamities, etc., securing financial stability while allowing uninterrupted functioning and delivery of quality education services.

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We go beyond simply selling generic policies – we become your ongoing risk management partners and trusted advisors. Whenever new needs or questions come up, we’re here to provide honest insights and adjust your protection plans accordingly. No pushy sales tactics, just friendly local experts saving you stress while keeping your institution safe.

Don’t chance it by going without proper insurance safeguards tailored for schools.

Reach out to our risk specialists at The Allen Thomas Group anytime to discuss your exposures and get ahead of risks before catastrophe strikes.

We’re here to help make sure educating students, enriching lives, and shape future generations remains the sole focus – not insurance gaps, liability claims or disasters disrupting your noble mission.

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