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Colorado Contractor Insurance

general contractors assessing construction project in Colorado

Secure Your Construction Company with Reliable Colorado Contractor Insurance

general contractors assessing construction project in Colorado

Operating a construction business in Colorado’s extreme climate poses various risks.

What if an accident on your job site causes property damage and injuries, posing a serious lawsuit threat?

Could your small company afford six-figure settlement payouts without bankruptcy?

What if a plumbing leak causes water damage to a home? Or if a fire destroys your uninsured equipment and tools, could you absorb replacement costs exceeding $50,000? 

Protect your contractor business from financial threats with customized business insurance in Colorado. 

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Colorado Construction and Contracting Trades Our Insurance Agency Provides Insurance Coverage

Getting The Right Coverage

Understanding General Contractor Insurance in Colorado

Making sense of different types of insurance options proves daunting for contractors focused on building projects, not decoding policies. 

Every construction firm faces unique risks in Colorado’s extreme climate. Standard one-size-fits-all contractor insurance packages rarely provide optimal protections. The appropriate insurance provides protection against major risks facing builders in this state.

As a highly experienced Colorado insurance agency, The Allen Thomas Group conducts in-depth risk profile assessments to understand coverage needs by exploring vulnerabilities across factors like:

  • Mountainous Regions – High altitude projects in the Rockies pose distinct challenges from the Eastern Plains. 
  • Western Slope vs Front Range – Western contractors may face more equipment theft and damage than in the cities along the Front Range.
  • Industry Type – Specialized plumbing, electrical, and roofing contractors have distinct liability exposures from general builders.   
  • Subcontractor Terms – We review the subcontractor agreement fine print to confirm adequate protections govern all tiers.

These localized insights, plus 20+ years serving Colorado contractors, inform tailored coverage solutions meeting specialized situations.

We become familiar as friends, not salespeople, to architect the ideal insurance and risk management fortress for businesses in Colorado.

The Allen Thomas Group Shields Your Livelihood With the Best Business Insurance

The Allen Thomas Group leverages insider carrier relationships serving contractors in Colorado for 20+ years to unlock optimal coverage at competitive rates.

When architecting general contractor insurance in Colorado and balancing coverage and cost, we weigh variables like your revenue, subcontractor contracts, project types, and past claims. 

Tailored Colorado Contractor Insurance Coverage

Even quality work can attract lawsuits after accidents.

General liability insurance for contractors in Colorado covers legal defense and settlements from third-party property damage or bodily injury claims up to defined limits.

Contractor’s general liability insurance policy protects your assets so an incident doesn’t demolish your livelihood.  

With rampant tool and machinery theft in Colorado, equipment policies replace stolen or damaged specialized gear often excluded from standard plans.

Comprehensive contractors equipment insurance covers everything from backhoes and generators to pneumatic drills, saws, and laser levels against loss or damage on and off sites. For smaller contractors, inland marine options also satisfy equipment coverage needs.

In Colorado’s harsh climate, no asset remains 100% safe without proactive protections.

The Allen Thomas Group secures Noah’s Ark-style refuge, shielding everything contractors need to construct livelihoods safely.

Reach out today to protect your empire!

For contractors managing ground-up construction projects, builder’s risk policies specifically cover materials, equipment, and the building itself against weather damages, theft, vandalism, and other threats during the construction process.

These specialized policies become vital for large commercial sites left vulnerable for months, saving builders from potential financial ruin before project completion.

Unforeseen theft, vandalism, materials destruction, and weather damage at sites or storage facilities can ruin unprotected contractors.

Commercial property insurance can help shield your assets, just like your tools and equipment insurance.

It also protects temporary structures from such threats. For larger firms, inland marine insurance also covers mobile gear, like generators, which are often targets for theft.

Work trucks and fleet vehicles that haul heavy gear face more accidents and physical damage risks than personal cars.

Commercial vehicle insurance for general contractors accounts for high mileage, employee drivers, and equipment loads.

Commercial auto insurance covers you against accidents and provides higher liability limits, protecting against devastating lawsuits after job site crashes.

Don’t chance insufficient personal auto coverage gaps.

The state of Colorado requires general contractors in Colorado with employees to provide workers’ compensation insurance for Denver and other cities.

This mandatory coverage assists workers injured on the job by covering lost income, medical bills, and rehabilitation services. Fines for non-compliance exceed $250 per day.

The Allen Thomas Group is happy to guide you through Colorado’s strict workers’ comp statutes.

Most importantly, as one of the critical insurance requirements, workers’ compensation insurance provides support for your crews when accidents happen.

Cheap Colorado Contractor Insurance

Additional Protection Crucial for Contractors in Colorado  

Policy limits and surety bonds represent two crucial coverage considerations for contractors in this state.

The Allen Thomas Group advises Colorado builders on optimal liability limits and guides them through securing the bid, general contractor license, performance, and payment bonds mandated to compete for public projects. 

In particular, government and large-scale construction projects often require surety bonds guaranteeing contractors’ ability to deliver contracted work without shortcuts under financial assurances.

Obtaining bonding capacity demands financial rigor many small contractors lack, limiting their competitiveness.

We actively assist Colorado firms with building credible capability statements and financial status, positioning them to earn surety partnerships for public sector projects.

Navigating the intricacies around policy limits, exclusions, bonding requirements and more is what we excel at. 

Get the certificate of insurance as a proof of insurance coverage in the state of Colorado and enjoy peace of mind that your independent contractor business is secure.

Stress-free Solutions

Demystifying Limits, Exclusions and Claims 

Cheap Colorado Contractor Insurance

Policy intricacies confuse even veterans. The Allen Thomas Group translates exclusions, deductibles, and claim procedures into plain terms, ensuring you receive the maximum payouts entitled to you if a disaster occurs.

We also provide interactive online tools from trusted sources like the Risk Management Society to help determine ideal coverage levels.

Navigating surety bonds for public sector and large-scale projects proves overwhelming.

The Allen Thomas Group guides you through obtaining bid, license, performance, and payment bonds that are mandatory for bidding in Colorado.

Rely on our expertise to qualify so you can compete more effectively.  

Commercial Insurance Solutions Customized For Colorado Contractors

Yes, Getting A Certificate Of Insurance Is Really That Easy

We know the process of finding the right insurance can be quite frustrating and overwhelming. Undoubtedly, it can affect your ability to take care of your customers, especially when you are waiting for bonds or a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Let us help fix it for you.

Step 1: Assess

Tell us about your specific needs and we will find the right policy for you.

Step 2: Review

Review the results of our search.

Step 3: Service

We will walk you through your new policy step by step.

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Why The Allen Thomas Group Stands Out

With over 20 years of experience exclusively serving general contractors, The Allen Thomas Group customizes insurance for your business. these coverages are designed for the risks different types of contractors face.

Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor, including general contractors, builders, remodelers, roofers, plumbing contractors, electrical contractor, and tradespeople, we have the best small business insurance solution for you. 

We assemble customized contractors liability insurance packages blending general liability insurance in Colorado, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance for contractors, surety bonds, commercial umbrella insurance, and equipment coverage based on highly specialized risk assessments zeroing in on how our clients operate. 

As insurance experts, our hallmarks are custom coverage, insider carrier relationships for unmatched savings, and ongoing support. 

Whether you work locally or statewide, employ two subcontractors or 20 staff members, and construct single-family homes or commercial high rises, we provide the best insurance solutions for clients. 

Our past clients confidently affirm The Allen Thomas Group as Colorado’s preeminent independently owned contracting insurance specialists.

So when standard provider approaches fail to deliver sufficient and affordable coverage, trust our expertise catering to firms like yours within this great state!

Discuss your insurance needs with us and get a quick insurance quote today for your contracting business in Colorado. Let us provide you with the most appropriate insurance you need to protect your company today and allow it to scale into the future. 

FAQs About Business Insurance Contractors Need in Colorado

Get More Insights On Making The Right Insurance Decision For Your Company

Contract liability in construction boils down to financial responsibility when things go wrong. It kicks in if a party breaches the contract by failing to finish on time, deliver agreed quality, or cause damage through negligence. Defective materials, workmanship, or warranty issues can also trigger liability.

To avoid disputes, clear contracts, open communication, and proper insurance are key. Both contractors and owners share responsibility, so understanding these risks is crucial for a smooth and successful construction project.

Under a contract of insurance, liability refers to the insurer’s legal obligation to financially compensate the policyholder for covered losses or damages arising from specific events outlined in the policy. It’s essentially a promise to step in and pay when things go wrong, protecting you from the financial burden of accidents, injuries, or legal claims. Think of it as a safety net ensuring peace of mind while you navigate the risks of everyday life.

In Colorado, contractors rely on a safety net of insurance, like general liability coverage. General liability policy is mandatory for accidental property damage and injuries, while workers’ comp covers employee work-related injuries. Don’t forget your business vehicles with commercial auto, and consider builder’s risk for protecting projects. Extra options like equipment insurance, professional liability insurance, and surety bonds are also available.

Partner with a local insurance group to build a customized plan that includes different types of business insurance and keeps your Colorado construction business secure.

HVAC contractors brave heat, chill, and tight spaces – but they should never face financial chills.

That’s where HVAC contractor insurance kicks in. It’s a safety net covering you from accidental property damage, injuries, equipment woes, and even lawsuits.

Think of it as a superhero suit protecting your business from unexpected risks you face on the job, whether it’s a leaky AC flooding a client’s home or a technician getting hurt during repairs.

With the right insurance in place, you can focus on keeping your clients cool and comfy, knowing you’re covered if things get a little…uncomfortable.

Builders risk insurance in Colorado is like a superhero shield for your construction company. Construction insurance protects against financial blows from unexpected events like fire, theft, weather damage, or unforeseen delays.

Think of it as a safety net while your masterpiece is taking shape, covering both the materials and the structure until it’s ready for its big reveal.

With this insurance to protect your work, you can build with confidence, knowing your investment is secured from the ground up.

Colorado’s insurance watchdog? That’s the Division of Insurance! Colorado Division of Insurance keeps insurers in check, protecting you from shady practices. Got a complaint?

They’ll investigate. Need insurance info? They have resources aplenty.

Basically, they’re here to ensure your Colorado insurance experience is smooth and secure.

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