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South Carolina Contractors Insurance

Secure Your Business with General Contractor Insurance in South Carolina

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As a contractor in South Carolina, you know the immense risks facing your business daily – from massive liability claims and workplace incidents to costly property damage.

Building a construction business without general contractor insurance in South Carolina feels secure initially, but unexpected accidents, lawsuits, or even bad weather can leave business owners vulnerable. 

What if a client claims property damage and a lawsuit follows – does having general liability coverage seem wise?

Is your equipment safe from storms, fires, or even strong winds without commercial property insurance?

Remember, it’s not just about legal compliance; it’s about building a secure future for your company. 

That’s why proper insurance coverage is crucial for general contractors to take care of your insurance needs and safeguard your business and reputation in South Carolina. 

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Table of Contents

Getting The Right Coverage

Types of South Carolina Contractor Insurance  

Trying to juggle all the compliance obligations, contracts, and day-to-day operations as a South Carolina contractor makes the insurance process stressful. 

There are different types of insurance options for contractors to protect your South Carolina business. 

General contractors in South Carolina must get the right insurance coverage to protect their business when accidents occur on or off the work site.

  • General liability policy covers client, subcontractor, or employee injuries.
  • Liability insurance covers damage to someone else’s property.
  • Besides, liability insurance can help cover advertising claims like copyright infringement.

We customize small business insurance limits and endorsements based on your business insurance requirements, project types, risks, and liabilities.

Similar to professional liability insurance but broader in scope and often combined with it.

E&O insurance for contractors in South Carolina covers financial losses arising from unintentional errors, omissions, or mistakes made in your services, not just negligence.

This is especially relevant for small business owners offering design-build services or specializing in technical areas.

Vehicle accidents are all too common in construction. As a contractor who uses vehicles for business, you are no exception and thus need commercial auto insurance.

This contractor insurance coverage is essential for transporting gear using business vehicles.

With this crucial insurance for South Carolina contractors, you are safeguarded against:

– Liability from driver accidents injuring others
Physical damage repair for your own fleet
Temporary vehicle rentals to sustain operations  

Our team aligns optimal commercial auto limits based on fleets, time on the road, and any heavy equipment transportation.

Contractors may need this critical coverage for your business to protect your construction project and materials from unforeseen events during construction.

Builder’s risk insurance coverage you need as a safeguard from the damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, weather events, and other perils until the project is completed and handed over. 

Marine insurance is another essential insurance you need for your South Carolina general contracting business.

This insurance can also provide coverage for tools and equipment from theft, falls, and bad weather.

With this essential coverage needed to protect your projects, you can have peace of mind while working unhindered at construction sites.

Contractors in South Carolina must consider this mandatory insurance if they have four plus employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance can help protect contractors who work with staff on different projects. It’s an important protection for contractors.

Contractors in South Carolina must carry workers’ compensation insurance to address:  

– Medical treatment and rehabilitation for injured workers
Lost wages replacement during recovery
Death benefits for grieving families

Our guidance ensures your worker’s compensation insurance policy complies with complex South Carolina statutes. Plus, we aim to reduce associated insurance surcharges.

Common Exclusions in General Contractor Insurance Policies

There are exclusions and limitations specified in the surety bond agreement that limit the surety’s liability. Common exclusions include:

1. Negligence or incompetence of the contractor.
2. Damage caused by third parties or natural events beyond the contractor’s control.  
3. Warranties or guarantees about the quality of work extending past the bond term.
4. Contractual penalties or liquidated damages.

– The bond only covers actual damages suffered by the property owner up to the bond amount. It does not cover delays, lost profits, or other indirect damages.

– Claims must be filed within a specified timeframe, usually 1-2 years from the project’s completion or abandonment date.

It’s important for both contractors and consumers to carefully review the specific bond documents and requirements in South Carolina to understand the protections and limitations.

Consulting with a surety bond specialist can also help clarify obligations and exclusions.

Understanding Surety Bonds

– Contractors in South Carolina are required to obtain a surety bond as part of the licensing process. This bond protects consumers against financial loss due to improper work or failure to complete a project.

– The surety bond amount is based on the contractor’s classification and ranges from $10,000 to $40,000 for residential builders and up to $200,000 for commercial general contractors.

– The bond must be obtained from an insurance company licensed and authorized to do business as a surety in South Carolina. Working with a trusted insurance provider can certainly help contractors throughout South Carolina.

General Contractor Insurance in South Carolina
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Is Commercial Property Insurance necessary for South Carolina contractors?

This essential coverage can help your business in South Carolina in more ways than one. It’s a vital shield to protect your business property, such as your office, warehouse, or equipment, from physical damage or loss.

This covers damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, storms, and other covered perils.

Contractors need to have adequate property insurance to recover from unexpected events.

What’s so special about professional liability insurance for SC contractors?

Professional liability insurance provides protection from claims of negligence arising from your professional services. This is crucial for contractors if their work involves design, consulting, or engineering aspects.

The liability insurance in South Carolina covers financial losses incurred by clients due to mistakes, errors in judgment, or omissions in your professional services.


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General Contractor Business FAQs

Get More Insights On Making The Right Insurance Decision For Your Company

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Mandatory for businesses with 4 or more employees.
  • Vehicle Insurance: Minimum liability coverage of 25/50/25 (bodily injury per person/accident, property damage per accident) required for all vehicles registered in the state.
  • Additional coverage may be required: Depending on your industry, contracts, or local regulations, you might need general liability, commercial auto, builder’s risk, or other specific insurance options.

Yes, a contractor’s license is required for most construction projects exceeding $10,000 in value. Specific license types and requirements vary depending on the project type and scope.

Costs vary greatly depending on several factors, including your industry, claims history, business size, and location.

Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually.

“Full coverage” isn’t a standardized term. In South Carolina, it typically refers to having comprehensive and collision coverage in addition to the mandatory minimum liability coverage. 

Remember, specific needs might require additional coverages beyond “full coverage”.

Government Resources:

  • South Carolina Department of Insurance: (General insurance information, consumer guides, complaint filing)
  • South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission: (Workers’ compensation regulations, claim forms, FAQs)

Industry Associations:

We Provide Coverage Options For All Trades Listed Below

  • Painter
  • Paving Contractor
  • Plumber
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Sheet Metal Contractor
  • Snow Plowing
  • Steel Erection
  • Utility Contractor

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