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Protect Your Passion From Risk Exposure With Craft Brewery Insurance Coverage From The Allen Thomas Group

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Running a successful craft brewery takes immense passion, effort, and care. You pour your heart and livelihood into crafting the perfect pint.

But starting and scaling any alcohol production business carries risks, requiring protection, especially as a small startup.

Without adequate coverage, equipment breakdown, guest injuries, product contamination, leakage, or liability claims could hamper your operations overnight. 

Is your location vulnerable to weather events like floods or hailstorms? 

Do you have a risk management plan to prevent injuries or contamination?

Without protection, one major accident, lawsuit, or disaster could quickly put a promising brewery out of business.

Analyzing your vulnerabilities and having a customized brewery insurance program will help you secure your passion projects in the long haul.

The Allen Thomas Group is happy to answer your questions and tailor an insurance package that covers your brewery business.

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Shield Your Business With A Custom Brewery Insurance Program

Whether you’re upgrading from homebrewing kits or opening a fifth location, The Allen Thomas Group delivers customizable property and liability insurance solutions for craft alcohol producers at any scale or growth phase.

Our specialty Microbrewery Insurance Program is formulated with four significant exposures in mind:

  • Production – Protecting your premises, brewing equipment, inventory, and work-in-progress
  • Distribution – Safeguarding products in transit to vendors, events, or your taprooms 
  • Retail – Securing guest areas and managing risks associated with serving alcoholic beverages
  • Management – Helping ensure business decisions that enable growth don’t increase legal liability  

By bundling general liability, property coverage, inland marine, and other policies together via our licensed insurance brokers, The Allen Thomas Group makes it simple and budget-friendly to protect the passion and sweat you’ve poured into your brewing business.

We find the right commercial insurance coverage for breweries with room to evolve protections as you grow.

With that said, let’s get into some of the most critical coverages we help craft for breweries.


Commercial General Liability Insurance

A customer trips and falls over a loose taproom floorboard and suffers from bodily injury. They sue your brewery for medical expenses and lost wages.

General liability insurance can help protect you in such a situation and cover legal fees, medical bills, and any potential settlement awarded to the customer.

Without it, you could face a steep legal bill that might force you to shut your doors.

Business Interruption Insurance

A local water main break temporarily shuts down your production, leaving your kegs empty and your cash flow dry.

Business income insurance protects you as a financial lifeline!

It helps reimburse you for lost income during the period your brewery is forced to close, ensuring you can still pay your bills while waiting for the water to flow again. 

Workers' Compensation Insurance

You pride yourself on your handcrafted ales. But during a busy bottling day, a slip and fall on a wet floor is responsible for work-related injuries for a worker.

Luckily, the brewery has workers' compensation coverage. This comprehensive insurance covers the worker's medical bills and provides a portion of their income while they recover, allowing them to focus on healing without financial worries.

The coverage is essential to prevent potential lawsuits and legal fees, ensuring they can continue crafting their signature beers without facing financial hardship.

By understanding the importance of workers' compensation insurance, you can protect your employees who are injured on the job.

Remember, investing in your employees' well-being is not just the right thing to do, it's also smart business practice.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Breweries

Your delivery truck carrying a precious cargo of kegs rear-ends another vehicle at a stoplight, causing damage and potential injuries. The damage to vehicles for business can cost you significantly. 

But if you have commercial auto insurance as transit coverage, it covers the repair costs of vehicles, preventing financial strain and keeping their beer flowing to thirsty customers.

You could be on the hook for expensive repairs, medical bills, and legal fees without proper insurance.

By prioritizing commercial auto insurance, you can protect your brewery from unforeseen accidents and keep your delivery wheels spinning smoothly.

Don't let road mishaps put the brakes on your brewing adventure! This coverage may include personal vehicles for company business.

Commercial Property Insurance

What if a faulty pressure valve explodes in your brewhouse, causing extensive damage to equipment and sending glass shards flying?

Commercial property insurance steps in like a fire-fighting superhero!

This type of insurance helps protect your business from risks like this so you don't have to pay for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged equipment and rebuilding your brewhouse, ensuring you can get back to crafting your signature IPAs quickly.

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Think of umbrella insurance as a shield that kicks in when your primary insurance policies reach their limits. It provides excess liability coverage, acting like a financial superhero when faced with major claims that could threaten your brewery's existence.

Imagine a situation in which a customer who breaks their arm at your taproom sues you much more than your general liability policy covers. This could cause you significant financial losses. 

Umbrella insurance can help It prevents your brewery from facing financial ruin and ensuring you can keep brewing happily ever after.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and the specific coverages and amounts will vary depending upon the size of your unique brewery.

Product Liability Insurance

A batch of your seasonal pumpkin ale gets contaminated with bacteria. As a result, many brewery customers suffer from the "gourd times flu." They sue the brewery owner for medical expenses and emotional distress.

Product liability protection steps in to avoid a bitter aftertaste! It helps cover legal costs and damages associated with foodborne illness claims from your beers, providing you with peace of mind and financial protection.

Liquor Liability Insurance

A patron overindulges at your taproom and gets into a bar brawl, injuring another customer and damaging furniture. Your beers take the blame for the brawl.

Liquor liability insurance offers protection! It covers legal fees and damages from alcohol-related incidents at your brewery, protecting you from costly lawsuits.

craft breweries insurance
Smart And Easy Insurance Solutions

Why Breweries & Distilleries Require Specialized Insurance Coverage

Craft Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries Insurance

Alcohol production has many distinctive property risks and liability scenarios you face daily. 

Standard business policies often exclude or don’t adequately cover these unique exposures. 

Consulting with a knowledgeable insurance agent is crucial to ensure your brewery has the perfect blend of protection to face any brewing storm, from spilled suds to broken bottles.

At The Allen Thomas Group, we partner with A-rated carriers to provide Microbrewery Insurance Programs with coverage enhancements specifically for:   

  • Equipment Breakdown & Contamination – Covering repairs/cleaning from tank leaks and tainted batches 
  • Spoilage & Inventory Loss – Helping recoup income lost if inventory becomes unfit for sale
  • Non-owned Equipment Damage – If a cooler you rent for an event gets damaged  
  • Contractual Liabilities – Protecting from breaching contracts with vendors or distributors
  • Liquor Liability coverage- Shielding from patron injury suits and associated legal expenses

 From small pilot systems to estate wineries, our tailored coverage resonates with today’s artisanal craft alcohol creator by addressing the distinct property, casualty, and liability scenarios endemic to brewing.

We offer property and liability insurance and package plans bundling equipment, property damage, auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, cyber insurance, and more. 

Getting The Right Insurance For Your Craft Brewery Business

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We know how frustrating and complex the process of finding the right coverage can be and how it slows down your ability to care for your customers.

Let us help fix it for you in 3 easy steps.

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Where Trust Matters: Find an Agent For Best Coverage Options in the Brewery Industry

The Allen Thomas Group has decades of experience in insuring alcohol beverage producers.

We have deep experience and knowledge about brewery risks & regulations.

With a range of insurance products available, we have the right coverage designed to help protect your business so you can safely shield your brewery.   

Get access to proprietary risk management content for breweries. Or speak to a commercial insurance agent by calling (440) 826-3676 for a free personalized quote evaluation to protect you in the event of an unexpected loss. 

So, raise a glass to brewed-in-a-bottle security and keep crafting those delicious glasses!

Let us help you provide the right coverage to protect your brewery adventure so it is a smooth sail for you.  

Cheers to protecting your brew crew, employees, and customers and keeping your brewery bubbling with success!

Questions we get about brewery insurance

An “additional insured” endorsement adds another party, like a landlord or lender, to your insurance policy as a covered entity. This means they’re protected against covered losses, like property damage or liability claims.

If you lease your brewery space or have outstanding equipment loans, adding the lessor or lender as an additional insured ensures they’re covered in case of unexpected events, potentially preventing lease termination or loan default.

Consider your financial resilience and risk tolerance.

A higher deductible might be feasible if you have a solid cash flow and can manage potential out-of-pocket expenses. Remember, specific coverage types might have different deductible options.

Property insurance protects your physical assets like brewing equipment, inventory, and furniture.

But certain items might require additional coverage, such as tanks or boilers, hops or rare grains, and any off-site inventory stored elsewhere.

The insurance cost may increase, depending on the type of coverage needed.

Breweries face unique risks beyond standard property and casualty concerns. Spoilage or adulteration coverage, equipment breakdown insurance, and cyber liability insurance are crucial too.

It is important to tailor your coverage options to your specific needs!

Discuss your brewing process, ingredients, equipment, and distribution channels with your agent to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure your policy addresses them and protects your livelihood in the event of an eventuality.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling multiple business insurance policies, like property, liability, and auto insurance, formulated for all major exposures.

Regularly review your insurance coverage as your brewery grows and evolves. Your needs and risks might change, so ensure your policies adapt accordingly.

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