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Wineries & Vineyard Insurance

Winery Insurance: Safeguard Your Vines, Secure Your Legacy  

Taste Testing in a Winery

Wineries and vineyards have unique risks and insurance requirements compared to most businesses.

In fact, each step of the winemaking process exposes you to an array of risks, making ou vulnerable to losses, accidents or injuries, property damage, and more.

Vulnerable buildings, specialized equipment, valuable wine inventory, and crops require protection that general business insurance policies do not provide.

Costly properties like presses, tanks, and bottling lines can break down without warning, halting production for days or weeks.

Entire grape harvests or high-priced vintages can be wiped out in minutes by hail, floods, disease, or contamination.

Imagine a tasting room guest has a slip and fall on your premises or overconsumes wine, sparking liability lawsuits.

With your livelihood dependent on unpredictable factors, wineries must carry customized coverage and focus on equipment management.

Without policies tailored to risks like weather events, supply chain disruptions, equipment failure, and product recalls, wineries risk losing their multi-generational legacy with a single disastrous uninsured loss.

The right insurance for wineries and vineyards is crucial to helping winemakers focus on their passion for crafting fine wines rather than worrying over finances.

That’s where you need an insurer well-versed in the unique needs of your business. 

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We Provide Customized Insurance Coverage For The Following Wineries

  • Farm wineries
  • Vineyard wineries
  • Micro wineries and vineyards
  • Urban Wineries
  • Destination Wineries
A Partner You Can Trust

 The Allen Thomas Group Advantage: Your Trusted Partner In Specialized Coverage for Wineries​

With 20+ years of experience, The Allen Thomas Group provides expert insurance solutions for vineyards, wineries, and wine businesses. 

Protect Your Passion: 79% of US wineries are family-owned businesses, ensuring their legacy is crucial. Losing your winery or vineyard to an uninsured disaster could ruin generations of hard work and dedication. 

Safeguard Your Livelihood: The average cost of business interruption for a winery is $40,000 per day according to Wine Business magazine. Having the proper coverage ensures you can rebuild and reopen quickly after catastrophes.  

Mitigate Liability Risks: Product liability claims average $8 million, posing a significant threat to wineries, according to the National Risk Retention Association. Lawsuits can bankrupt family-owned operations without the right liability insurance.

Secure Your Grapes and Wine: 23% of wineries reported crop losses due to inclement weather conditions in 2022, as per the Wine Institute. Climate change is increasing unpredictability, making crop insurance vital. 

Manage Technology Risks: Cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $4.24 million, threatening wineries’ data and reputation, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Modern wineries rely heavily on tech and need specialized cyber insurance.

Getting The Right Coverage

Special Insurance for Wineries Covers Key Risks

Weather catastrophes like hail, frost, flooding, smoke damage from wildfires, and more can wipe out entire vintages in minutes. Wineries need tailored coverage for these disasters.  

Grapevine diseases and pests like powdery mildew and phylloxera can cause up to 40% yield loss, according to the USDA. Crop insurance helps recoup financial losses from lowered grape quantity and quality.

Wine spoilage from temperature fluctuations, wine leakage from equipment failures, contamination from power outages, and improper sanitation costs US wineries $16 million annually, as reported by Wine Business.

Specialized insurance covers spoilage incidents and helps protect your business.  

Slips, falls, liquor liability issues, food poisoning, and other hospitality risks in tasting rooms account for countless lawsuits in the industry each year, says the National Restaurant Association. Wineries need solid liability coverage to shield their winemaking process. 

This coverage shields wineries from expenses arising from

  • bodily injury
  • property damage
  • personal injury
  • advertising injury
  • medical payments

Get the required coverage like premises liability, products-completed operations, chemical drift and liability claims, damage to rented premises, medical expenses, libel, and more.  

Business income insurance replaces income lost following covered events forcing closure like

  • fire
  • flooding
  • equipment breakdown
  • power outages occurring on your property
  • inability to acquire supplies

This insurance helps wineries pay ongoing operating expenses during shutdowns.

This is your shield against financial losses due to injury or property damage from wine products. 

Lawsuits related to contaminated or spoiled wine can lead to huge losses.  

Product Liability protects your wine business from expensive claims around sickness or injury caused by contaminated consumables like defective glassware, tainted cheeses, and mislabeled sulfites that could occur in winery tasting rooms or paired with wine offerings.

Accusations must be taken seriously and adequately insured against.

This type of insurance for a vineyard or winery protects its property from covered causes of loss like fire, lightning, wind, hail, and theft.  

Our Farm Property Insurance delivers tailored coverage protecting buildings like

  • press houses
  • storage sheds
  • bottling facilities
  • winemaking equipment
  • farm vehicles
  • landscaping
  • fencing
  • signs
  • roadways
  • livestock
  • tenant improvements
  • business personal property
  • inventory

It also shields equipment like tractors, grape harvesters, tanks, and filters against common risks winery and vineyard real estate faces.

Fire, lightning strikes, burst pipes, theft, vandalism, and liability claims pose a serious threat to commercial property and equipment. 

Get protection from claims involving the selling or serving of alcoholic beverages, which expose you to hefty legal fees and settlements.

Liquor Liability Insurance provides a financial shield if guests are injured or killed in accidents caused by overserving alcohol at your establishment.

Lawsuits related to drunk driving and assault can be financially ruinous without proper liquor liability insurance.

Additional Coverages To investigate

Additional Vineyard and Winery Insurance To Protect Your Winery

We offer specialized wine contamination and leakage coverage through carriers to help protect your winery from financial losses after incidents causing losses from tainted wine.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown Insurance helps pay for physical damage to equipment, whether you need to repair or replace destroyed winemaking machinery to prevent prolonged business interruptions. It will also protect in cases of wine spoilage from stalled production.

Power Outage Protection insurance

Our Power Outage Protection insurance delivers reimbursement for wine products ruined due to a lack of temperature control from electrical and utility failure incidents.

We also cover equipment reprogramming costs and loss of income until systems are restored.  

Transportation and Delivery Coverage

Transportation and Delivery Coverage protects winery products throughout the shipping process, whether sending grapes from vineyards, bringing wine to affiliated tasting rooms, or distributing finished products to stores and restaurants.

Your business needs the right vehicle insurance.

Auto insurance covers damage from overturns, collisions, temperature variation, etc.

Insurance for Wineries & Vineyards
Stress-free Solutions

Addressing the Exposure in Tasting Rooms and Vintner Operations

Man working in a Vineyard

Slip and Fall Liability coverage is crucial for tasting room safety.

This shields you from paying legal fees and settlements from guest injuries like trips, slips, and falls on winery premises, which could invite lawsuits that could potentially bankrupt family businesses.  

Crop Insurance secures grape growers’ harvests, compensating for losses after low yield or quality outcomes caused by extreme weather, flooding, pests, plant disease pressures, wildlife destruction, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and other unpredictable factors.  

Wineries producing wines for other labels need Winemaker’s Errors & Omissions Insurance, covering financial loss arising from mistakes rendering wine undrinkable or unsellable.

Such incidents as incorrect yeast strain selection, wine contamination from unsanitized equipment, and blending ratio errors can severely affect your business operations and reputation. 

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