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Lawyer Insurance for Attorneys and Law Firms

Understanding Business Insurance for Law Firms of All Sizes

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Attorneys have a responsibility to guide clients through legal matters with sound counsel. However, oversights or accidents can happen, potentially leaving your law firm vulnerable to malpractice claims, privacy breaches, or substantial lawsuits without proper insurance.

What happens if a transaction oversight or filing error financially impacts a client?

Imagine if sensitive case briefs are accidentally leaked. What would be the repercussions?

What type of insurance beyond professional liability should law firms carry? 

Let’s explore these common concerns and find ways to protect your law firm. While no partner welcomes added costs, prudent insurance ensures your business can survive even serious incidents.

For over 20 years, The Allen Thomas Group has been the leading insurance broker in the US, providing tailored insurance coverage for law firms to help protect legal professionals faced with privacy breaches, professional malpractice, and employee injuries.  

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Do Lawyers Need Insurance for Professional Services to Protect the Firm?  

Legal practice involves innumerable variables, from navigating complex filings to corresponding respectfully with opposition. 

You take great care in upholding standards, but oversights still occur – confidential briefs get misplaced, transaction advice overlooks tax implications, data systems get hacked, leaking sensitive client information, or conflicts of interest allegations get claimed.

Such incidents mean bar complaints, civil lawsuits from aggrieved parties, state sanctions, and real financial consequences without comprehensive insurance for attorneys. Insurance comes to your rescue if you practice law.

No doubt, lawyers face unique risks.

The right insurance agent will assess your risks and provide you with the right lawyer insurance options critical for law firm business:

One of the core coverages for law enterprises is professional liability insurance – also called legal malpractice protection. This type of insurance helps protect large law firms in the event of judgments, settlements, and defense costs if your counsel or services cause financial damage to a client.

From transaction oversight to missed filings, errors, and mistakes, insurance can help pay legitimate claims up to your selected limits when found negligent.

Protect yourself against professional liability risk.

Liability insurance can help cover certain insurance needs of law firms.

All practicing lawyers require malpractice coverage against legal malpractice claims.

Managing volumes of confidential client information and sharing sensitive records adds to substantial cyber threats from hacking, viruses, and data theft, triggering expensive regulatory fines, suspended operations, and lawsuits if documents are leaked or hacked.

Robust cyber liability insurance may cover related expenses like data breaches of victim monitoring services, computer system repairs, legal expenses, and public relations crisis management.

Customized insurance solutions respond if cybercrimes like wire fraud divert client funds from firm trust accounts. 

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Smart And Easy Insurance Solutions

How To Find Right Law Firm Insurance Agency?

Law firms insurance

Given niche risks lawyers face, a dedicated legal insurance specialist proves paramount – not family home/auto providers. Look for an insurer who

  • Specializes in customizing insurance packages for lawyers.
  • Has direct access to law firm insurance carriers. 
  • Provides year-round guidance aligning coverages to any emerging risk considerations.

The right partner provides coverage fine-tuned to law practice operations.

Don’t settle for insufficient protection or gaps in coverage, which only aggravates the risk.

Getting The Right Insurance For Your Law Firm

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Let us help fix it for you in 3 easy steps.

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Questions to Keep in Mind Before Selecting Commercial Insurance For Lawyers

Firms also face premises and operations risks that general business insurance covers.

Situations like guests slipping and falling in the office, lawyers accidentally damaging client property, or libel from marketing materials require general liability coverage to protect you against potential legal defense costs and payouts connected to covered bodily injuries or property damage to third parties. 

Law practices house immense investments, which are at a risk and require coverage.

From client file archives, law libraries, and sensitive computer equipment to tenant improvements outfitting modern offices, unexpected disasters like fires, storms, or accidents could financially devastate small firms unless they have commercial property insurance.

This type of insurance protects against claims of property damage and helps replace destroyed assets.

Unfortunately, homeowners or personal insurance does NOT provide coverage for operating a law firm or performing professional services.

Specific lawyers professional liability coverage is crucial. 

Cyber liability insurance covers expenses if confidential client information is leaked or data systems are hacked.

It pays costs for repairing systems, legal defense, crisis management, and notifying breach victims. 

 In most states, lawyers must carry workers comp to cover lost wages, medical expenses, healthcare, and rehabilitation services tied to job-related staff injuries and illnesses, irrespective of fault.

Law firms face major risks if they fail to comply, leading to major fines within your law company.

The right insurance provider can guide you through the coverage selection process and help you find discounts on business insurance.

Premium credits may apply for data security protocols like encryption, access controls, and strict document handling processes.

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Customized coverage for your firm combines business owner’s policy, lawyers professional liability, legal malpractice insurance cyber policies, general liability policy, workers compensation coverage, commercial auto insurance, cyber liability insurance, cyber security, commercial property and casualty insurance into robust programs underwritten by leading legal industry carriers.

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