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Getting The Right Insurance for manufacturing sales representatives

Insurance for sales representatives

As a manufacturer’s representative, you play a crucial role in helping build relationships between brands and retail partners to get products to market.

But your client-facing position also comes with substantial risks, ranging from negligence to auto accidents that require proper insurance coverage. 

What if you share inaccurate product capability details that lead to losses for a retail partner?

What happens if you’re involved in an auto accident while rushing between back-to-back client meetings? 

This article explores the unique risks reps face and how tailored insurance solutions like errors & omissions liability and commercial auto coverage can help to protect your finances when the unexpected happens.

With over 20 years of experience, The Allen Thomas Group offers professionals like you an array of business insurance options to help protect your livelihood.

Our tailored solutions consider the unique risks professionals face conducting sales calls, events, reporting, and driving to see clients.

Table of Contents

Critical Coverages and Insurance For Manufacturers Representatives

America’s manufacturers representatives facilitate over $62 billion in wholesale commerce annually.

As a manufacturing representative, you function as a conduit driving sales of specialized product lines through retail channels on a commission basis.

Your expertise helps connect brands with potential customers.

However, conducting sales calls with prospective accounts, coordinating promotional events, and creating knowledgeable content exposes you to risks ranging from auto accidents to mistakes that cause financial harm.

Proper insurance creates a safety net, allowing professionals to manage risks inherent in a client-facing sales role confidently.  

Here we discuss key insurance coverages manufacturer sales professionals need against different types of claims:

  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Property insurance
  • Commercial auto
  • Errors and omissions insurance
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Inland marine insurance

Product liability insurance provides financial protection against personal injury lawsuits and accidental property damage – one of the most significant risks for professionals staging promotional events.

Even with strict protocols, there is a risk of accidents. 

A liability policy may be the best protection against potential legal fees if you or your employees are deemed responsible for a third-party bodily injury or property damage.

Key coverages include:  

  • Slip and fall accidents at trade shows, client retail stores 
  • Accidental demonstration mishaps causing minor damage
  • Libel  or slander situations if sales literature has incorrect claims

Having liability protection gives manufacturer sales reps peace of mind when entering a variety of client settings.

Most experts recommend a $1 million policy to deal with the cost associated with potential liabilities that your business may face. 

Professional liability insurance is also known as errors & omissions E&O insurance. It protects an independent sales representative against financial harm resulting from service mistakes related to making sales that lead to client losses – directly or indirectly. It safeguards against expensive claims tied to:

  • Providing incorrect product capability guidance that influences inventory purchase by a retailer. If capabilities don’t match what was communicated, it can lead to losses and lawsuits.
  • Errors or misleading claims in sales literature, presentations, training materials, or signage given to partners. Mislabeling a product could trigger claims of lost income from partners if issues arise. 

E&O coverage is crucial because it picks up where general liability ends when it comes to financial harm caused by negligence and errors directly tied to your professional services – not just injury and property damage.

This coverage protects your personal property and business assets from lawsuits arising from negligence or improper advice.

Suppose a fire destroys a wholesale distributor’s inventory.

Here, business insurance can cover the cost of replacing and repairing the damages.

For sales representatives, vehicles play an integral role in traveling to conduct one-on-one sales meetings, drop off literature packets and samples, attend trade conventions, transport booth displays, and accomplish other business transportation needs.

Commercial auto insurance covers injury and property damage liability and collision coverage for your owned fleet, which is essential for sales pros constantly on the road.

A properly structured auto policy protects your business if one of your employees is involved in an accident while carrying out job duties.

Don’t take chances by relying only on personal auto plans.

Workplace accidents remain possible for sales representatives while conducting product demonstrations, setting up booth displays, and hauling literature.

Strains, sprains, cuts, falls, and other claims requiring treatment could result in a worker’s compensation claim. Workers comp insurance is available in all states and provides coverage for claims associated with medical costs.

In most states, carrying this state-mandated insurance is required for work operations to cover lost wages, healthcare, and long-term support medical expenses associated with job injuries without considering fault.

When a workplace accident happens, workers’ compensation coverage allows you to focus resources on assisting your hurt employees get back on their feet.

An insurance broker structures a compliant workers compensation policy meeting your state’s statutes and payroll classifications.

Partnering with an insurance expert provides guidance and ensures adequate coverage to avoid massive fines for non-compliance.

For manufacturers’ representatives, even with general liability coverage, some high liability claims tied to accidentally misleading a retail partner exceed primary policy maximums.

Your personal assets could be seized without extra protection to pay a judgment.  

An umbrella liability insurance policy provides added limits when a claim breaches primary coverage caps.

It adds an additional $1 million to $5 million in third-party coverage tailored to your trade’s risks and assets you aim to protect.  

For manufacturer representatives conducting substantial business travel, umbrella coverage brings invaluable peace of mind.

This type of small business insurance helps prevent you from paying claims beyond primary policy limits if faced with a high six- or seven-figure injury or damage claim.

Insurance for Manufacturer and Brand Representatives
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How To Find the Right Insurance Partner?

Insurance for Manufacturing Sales Reps

You need an insurance professional to help navigate the risks facing sales representatives.

Be sure to select an insurance provider who:  

  • Focuses specifically on sales rep insurance – not generic small business policies. 
  • Has access to multiple commercial insurance carriers rather than just one provider. 
  • Provides ongoing, year-round service and support – not just at renewal time. 

The right insurance advisor combines industry knowledge with a carrier network to craft insurance products specific to your business operations – not a one-size-fits-all program.

Let the best names in the business help you find the right customized coverage that fits your business needs.

The Allen Thomas Group is happy to be your insurance partner of choice with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Getting The Right Insurance For Manufacturers Sales Agents

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Manufacturer Rep Insurance FAQs

Types of insurance for manufacturing sales representatives can include health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, business overhead expense insurance, and key person insurance.

Adequate insurance coverage can provide financial security in the event of an illness or injury, cover costs associated with running a business, such as overhead expenses, and protect a company from losses due to key personnel leaving or becoming disabled.

Yes, some types of life and disability policies may provide tax advantages when taken out for business purposes.

Generally no, but it is important to check the terms and conditions before purchasing a policy from any provider.

Considerations may include cost, customer service reputation, coverage options offered, and any additional discounts that may apply depending on your circumstances.

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