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Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance

As a real estate agent or broker, you play a crucial role in helping people buy and sell properties. However, mistakes or oversights can happen, leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits or commission disputes.

What if you accidentally fail to disclose a structural defect or zoning issue?

What happens if a client trips and gets injured while you’re showing a listing?

What type of insurance is compulsory for real estate professionals?

 Let’s find out how property insurance works and answer major real estate agent and broker insurance concerns. 

With over 20 years of experience, The Allen Thomas Group offers real estate professionals an array of tailored business insurance options to address your business’s distinctive risks.

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Critical Coverages and More Understanding About Insurance For Real Estate Brokers

From listing advice to offers and negotiations, real estate brokers and agents guide clients through complicated buying and selling decisions. You field endless calls and emails managing prospects and current deals across residential and commercial properties.

However, despite meticulous representation, unforeseen incidents happen – foundation cracks get overlooked in inspections, title issues arise from previous liens, home value appraisals miss the mark, and clients feel misled about listings. 

Such events mean disappointed buyers, disputes over commissions, potential lawsuits, and real financial consequences for your realty business without proper insurance. 

You need insurance as a protection. The right insurance policy covers you against all such risks.

What are the different types of property insurance to help protect your real estate business?

  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Commercial Property coverage
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • E&O insurance for real estate

A general liability policy protects against premises incidents, bodily injury claims, property damage, and advertising offenses – some of the most significant risks for realtors.   

General liability insurance from The Allen Thomas Group covers potential legal expenses and lawsuit payouts if you or your realtors are deemed responsible for a third-party bodily injury, property damage, or certain other harms like copyright violations up to your selected policy limits.

Typical claims include:  

  • Injury lawsuits – slippery porch steps, dog bites
  • Property damage – agent inadvertently breaks a home fixture 
  • Advertising issues – MLS listing photos use copyrighted images  

Liability protection gives real estate agents & brokers peace of mind when entering new environments like private residences. 

Real estate errors and omissions coverage is also called professional liability insurance. It protects real estate brokers and sales agents against financial harm resulting from service mistakes leading to client losses – either directly or indirectly. It picks up where general liability ends regarding financial damages tied to your professional services.

For realty pros, real estate professional liability insurance guards against expensive claims linked to: 

  • Failure to disclose property condition defects like a cracked foundation or a drainage issue. This could mean a lawsuit if the buyer faces major unanticipated repair bills from defects that warranted disclosure.
  • Incorrect advice on market valuations when listing a property. Over-estimations could mean the property sits unsold, while under-listing triggers lower sales commissions.
  • Miscalculations when guiding clients on offers and negotiation strategies. Poor direction could result in buyers overpaying or sellers walking away from deals, losing out on proceeds.

Mistakes like overlooking restrictions, misfiling paperwork, botching property standards explanations, or even simple communication errors could open your business to claims from dissatisfied buyers and sellers if transactions get rocky.

Real estate E&O insurance protects your finances in these common situations when service oversight results in client losses. 

Real Estate Agent Insurance Cost
Smart And Easy Insurance Solutions

Finding the Right Business Insurance Partner To Protect Real Estate Business

real estate broker insurance quote

Navigating risks in real estate trades requires a specialty insurance agent. Be sure to select a partner who can customize business insurance for real estate at the best cost.  

  • Focuses specifically on broker & agent risks. 
  • Has access to multiple commercial insurance carriers to find the best real estate agent insurance quote. 
  • Provides responsive, year-round service and support – not just at renewal time. You want an advocate invested in your long-term risk management.

The right insurance advisor combines industry knowledge with a carrier network to craft coverage plans to protect brokers.

Insurance covers many risks and liabilities. This emphasizes why you need real estate insurance.

Getting The Right Insurance For Your Real ESTATE Business

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Questions to Keep in Mind Before Selecting Commercial Insurance For Your Real Estate Brokers

Like most service businesses, real estate agents log endless hours on the road, crisscrossing towns showing listings or previewing homes for upcoming sales.

A fender bender could create substantial out-of-pocket costs and legal headaches without proper auto insurance.  

Our commercial auto insurance helps real estate agents if one of your realtors causes an at-fault accident while working. We cover injury claims from other parties and damage to your own vehicles used for business purposes. 

Key insurance coverages include:

  • Liability insurance – covers personal injury claims if drivers hurt others 
  • Collision insurance – pays to repair vehicles after covered accidents
  • Comprehensive – replaces stolen, vandalized, or flooded cars & trucks

Don’t take chances relying solely on employees’ personal auto policies. Commercial auto insurance will help cover your finances from business vehicle accident risks.

Workplace accidents remain a possibility for real estate associates. Strains from lifting boxes, slips and falls while a potential buyer is viewing homes, and car accidents could lead to injury claims and legal costs covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Coverage requirements vary by state.

Most states require brokers to carry this no-fault coverage that pays for medical treatment, lost wages, and long-term care for injured employees.

Relying on individual health plans leaves firms vulnerable to losses.

Workers comp insurance can help real estate agents get relieved from this burden. 

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia

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Whether you need commercial property insurance or omissions insurance for real estate brokers, the right carrier has a solution to all your problems with regard to insurance and risk management. 

As an independent realtor insurance agency for 20+ years, The Allen Thomas Group possesses the niche expertise and carrier relationships to build customized insurance solutions addressing key risks facing realty professionals.

We go beyond generic small business policies to provide a tailored real estate agent insurance quote.

Decades of experience in the insurance industry are instrumental in helping us understand the need for coverage for licensed real estate companies. 

We stay current with state laws and find what states require real estate agents to have some compulsory coverage.  

Whether you need workers’ compensation coverage, real estate e&o coverage, business owner’s policy, professional liability coverage, property insurance and general liability insurance, we can help real estate professionals get the best coverage to help protect your business.

The Allen Thomas Group provides ongoing insurance advice and support throughout the policy term and at renewal to update insurance aligned with revenue growth and new service directions. 

The property industry is prone to risks. It’s a cardinal sin to ignore real estate agent insurance requirements.

Insurance allows you to protect your business and have peace of mind that you are protected.

Since real estate agents and brokers often need coverage that’s right for their specific business, our varied options in coverage can help protect real estate property businesses from potential problems.

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