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Cheers to Coverage: Comprehensive Bar Insurance for Taverns and Pubs

Bar Tavern & Nightclub Insurance

Securing bar insurance is indispensable, given the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of the hospitality industry. 

Bars inherently face diverse risks, ranging from slip-and-fall mishaps to potential property damage and incidents involving assault and battery. 

Understanding the intricacies of assault and battery, liability insurance becomes pivotal, considering the nature of social interactions in such settings. 

What safeguards must the bar handle if patrons are overserved and cause harm or accidents? 

Can insurance mitigate the legal and financial consequences arising from such incidents?

  • Who is responsible for the injury claims in the event of a slip-and-fall or property damage? 
  • How is the physical property of the bar safeguarded?
  • Given the social nature of bars, how does insurance protect against claims arising from altercations on the premises
  • How can the establishment navigate legal consequences resulting from such incidents?

As bar proprietors navigating these questions, it becomes paramount to tailor insurance coverage to the establishment’s specific needs, accounting for factors like the number of employees and potential risks.

In doing so, they ensure a robust shield that safeguards the business and the frequent patrons.

Leave the tavern insurance woes to expert agents well-versed in the distinct exposure bars battle beyond typical restaurants.

Discover worry-free customized plans that put patron safety and your livelihood first.

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Table of Contents

Critical Insurance Policies For Bar Owners


General Liability Insurance

Think of CGL as your bar's first line of defense. It covers expenses if someone gets hurt or their stuff gets damaged on your property. Spilled beer on a customer's phone? Broken glass from a rowdy night? CGL can help pay for medical bills, repairs, and even legal fees if someone sues.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Serving alcohol comes with extra risks. Liquor liability covers you if someone gets hurt or causes damage because they drank too much at your bar. Think fights, drunk driving accidents, or bad reactions to alcohol. This policy can be lifesaver, protecting your business from hefty lawsuits.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Your staff are your rockstars, so take care of them! Workers' comp covers medical expenses and lost wages if they get injured on the job, be it a nasty cut from a broken glass or a slip on a wet floor. It's not just the right thing to do, it's often required by law.

Business Interruption Insurance

A fire shutdowns your bar? Business interruption insurance helps pay your bills while you're rebuilding, covering lost income and expenses like rent and employee wages. It's like a financial cushion to keep your bar afloat during tough times.

Property Insurance

From your fancy barstools to your top-shelf whiskey, property insurance covers your stuff if it gets damaged or stolen. Fire, theft, even burst pipes – this policy can help get your bar back on its feet in no time.

Umbrella Policy

Think of it as a giant, super-powered insurance shield that kicks in when your other policies reach their limits.

Real-Life Insurance Claims for Bars: Seeing the Coverages in Action

Here are some real-life examples of how each type of insurance you mentioned can come to the rescue for bar owners:

1. General Liability (CGL): The Spilled Beer Savior

Scenario: A customer trips over a spilled beer, fractures their wrist, and sues your bar for negligence.

CGL kicks in: Your CGL policy covers medical expenses, lost wages, and any legal fees associated with the lawsuit. This could potentially save you from losing your business!

2. Liquor Liability: When Cheers Turns into Jeers

Scenario: A patron who overindulged gets into a fight outside your bar, injuring another customer. The injured party sues both the drunk customer and your bar.

Liquor liability steps up: This policy covers legal fees and potential payouts in lawsuits arising from alcohol-related incidents. It can shield your bar from financial ruin if someone gets hurt due to excessive drinking.

3. Workers’ Comp: Protecting Your Bartender Buddies

Scenario: Your bartender reaches for a glass on a high shelf and pulls a muscle in their back. They’re out of work for weeks recovering.

Workers’ comp takes over: This policy covers medical bills and lost wages for work-related injuries, ensuring your employees get the care they need without putting a strain on your finances.

4. Property Insurance: The Fire-Fighting Friend

Scenario: A faulty electrical wire sparks a fire in your bar, causing significant damage to the interior and equipment.

Property insurance comes to the rescue: This policy covers the cost of repairs and replacements, helping you get your bar back up and running as soon as possible.

5. Business Interruption: Keeping the Cash Flowing

Scenario: The fire mentioned above forces you to close your bar for several months while repairs are made. You still have bills to pay and employees to support.

Business interruption insurance provides relief: This policy covers lost income and essential expenses like rent and payroll while your bar is temporarily closed due to a covered event.

6: Umbrella Insurance – The Superhero Shield

Scenario: The lawsuit from the spilled beer incident mentioned earlier turns out to be more expensive than your CGL policy’s limit. You could be facing personal financial jeopardy.

Umbrella insurance swoops in: This extra layer of liability protection kicks in when your other policies reach their limits, preventing your personal assets from being at risk. It’s like an insurance superhero with a giant shield, protecting you from unforeseen financial disasters.

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Smart And Easy Insurance Solutions

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Bar & Restaurant Insurance

Many bars opt for basic plans thinking “we’re pretty careful, nothing too bad ever happens here.” But all it takes is one serious incident caused by an inebriated guest threatening to dismantle what you’ve worked years to earn. Insufficient insurance sinks establishments through:

  • Out-of-pocket legal and medical bills exceeding assets  
  • Months-long disruptions paying for building/property repairs uninsured.
  • Bankruptcies from six & seven-figure lawsuit payouts.
  • Permanently closed doors following revoked liquor licenses   

The Allen Thomas Group offers bespoke alcohol risk solutions so you can follow your bliss operating premium establishments where communities connect.

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Insurance for Bars and Taverns Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they do. For small to midsize operations, $500,000 is a common minimum liability limit.

Larger venues near or exceeding 100 capacity would fare better with upwards of $1 million to $2 million in protection.

Ask for at least $1 million in commercial general liability coverage, naming your business as “additional insured”.

This gives you a layer of protection if an altercation occurs involving band members on the premises.  

Unfortunately yes. Plaintiffs may allege that overserving contributed to accidents offsite afterward.

Robust liquor liability insurance protects your business against these “dram shop” claims. 

Parking lot incidents, from slips and falls to assaults, make up over 25% of claims.

So you need independent insurance agents to customize an insurance plan. Added security staffing, frequent area checks, and extra lighting help prevent these situations from developing into litigation.

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